Florida Skin Cancer Institute

Skin cancer and keloid treatment often involves a collaborative approach between Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Radiation Oncologists, and Hematologist/Medical Oncologists. We are very willing to work together with all specialties to accommodate the needs and wishes of the patient. Our physician is a Mayo Clinic trained, Board Certified Radiation Oncologist. Radiation Oncologists are experts in the use of radiation for treating cancer. Our Radiation Oncologist has additional certification in skin cancer medicine. We are dedicated to providing people diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer and keloids a facility where they can exclusively go, rather than going to hospital-based centers and intermingling with other sicker cancer patients. This way, they can feel more secure, comfortable, and welcomed, as they enter a facility that is made just for their needs. We provide their most-needed services and will continue to evolve to deliver the increasing needs of the concerned members of our community. We will be coming to Palm Coast in summer 2024! Visit our cancer specialists in Palm Coast, Florida.

happy doctor pointing at his fingers

WHAT WE PROMISE Our Mission Statement

To help people with skin cancer and keloids continue to have a positive outlook on and balance in life as they go through treatment, with healthy and vibrant skin awaiting on the other side.

Young woman touching her healthy face

WHAT WE ASPIRE Our Vision Statement

To be the preferred practice of choice for patients and for Dermatologist/Plastic Surgeon collaboration for radiation treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer/keloids.